Housekeeping - Remove unused Endur/Findur Binaries

This script removes unused Endur/Findur binaries that are not used by environments anymore.

The process flow is:

  • Loop through all [active] environments
  • Determine what servers are connected to the environment:
    • Shared Citrix / Deployment Servers
    • Dedicated Citrix / Deployment Servers
    • Application Servers
  • Loop through all connected servers
  • Work out the ‘root’ folder for the ‘Endur’ application on that server
    • i.e. work out %ENDUR_DRIVE_LETTER%, whether the env name is in the path etc etc.
  • Look at the folders under the ‘root’ to see if there is more than just a folder for the currently active Endur version
  • For each folder that is not the current version, check to see if it corresponds to an Endur Code Version in the emdash database
    • If it does, do a recursive delete.  Handle errors where files cannot be deleted through locks etc.
    • If it doesn’t, leave well alone.
    • This means that we will only remove folders we have put there, and not anything else that may have been delivered by the customer outside of the normal emdash process
  • When deleting the files/folders, we can write out details of any files that cannot / have not been deleted.
    • As the goal of this workflow is to regain space, I don’t think we should bomb out if some files cannot be deleted

The script is attached below.  Feel free to add comments!

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