Creating scheduled jobs

emdash™ supports the scheduling of certain workflows.  The current list is as follows:

  • Environment Refresh
  • Backup all databases
  • Run a user defined workflow (this is a licensed feature)
  • Run a Pester test script

Scheduling is a licensed feature within emdash™.   If the feature is enabled then the Set schedule button will be visible on each of the pages used to submit the above four types of workflow job.

For example - in environment refresh:

The Set schedule button then displays the Schedule dialog which allows the user to enter the details of the job schedule. 

emdash™ supports the following options which are accessed by selecting the appropriate radio button in the list:

  • Schedule once - schedule the job once on a given date at a specific time

  • Schedule daily - schedule the job every day at a specific time

  • Schedule weekly - schedule the job on one or more days of the week at a specific time

  • Schedule at interval - schedule the job at a minute interval e.g. every 5 minutes.

  • Schedule monthly - schedule the job on specific days of the month at a specific time

Once the schedule has been set the job can be submitted in the usual way.  This will create a scheduled job within emdash™. 

emdash™ job history

All scheduled jobs run within the standard emdash™ job framework and create entries in the emdash™ job log which provides a full audit trail and logging.

Time zones

emdash™ supports the following time zones when entering times in s schedule.  Other time zones can be added on request.

  • GMT Standard Time (UK)
  • Eastern Standard Time (US)
  • UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

The job will execute based on the time in this timezone rather than local server time.


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