Environment Details - Healthcheck

The Environment Details screen shows an indicator of the Health of an environment.  This can be accessed by clicking on the 'Status' field as follows:

Healthcheck Process

When you click on the Status link, a background workflow is run.  This kicks off a set of 'Pester' tests and returns the results to this screen.

For this functionality to execute you will need the 'Pester' Powershell Module.  Detailed instructions on how to install this are found here

Script Location

We have made the Healthcheck process extensible, so you can amend the script yourself.

The location of the script is captured by the Environment Wide Setting Option TestScriptFolder and the script itself is called EnvironmentHealth-PesterTestScript.ps1.

By default, the EWSO will point to C:\emdash\TestScripts as follows:


We recommend you take a copy of the above file into another folder and amend the EWSO to point to that one if you need to make amendments to it.  This negates any risk of the file being overwritten back to the default when deploying a later emdash Release.

Amending the Script

If you would like to amend the script to add more tests, you are welcome to do so.  It is formatted like a standard 'custom powershell step' in that the emdash context is passed into it.

You can then use the context to access environment-specific variables.

Tests in The Standard Script

The standard script performs the following tests:

  • Environment is active
  • Fileshare exists
  • It has a valid Owner
  • If it is a Production environment, then the 'Hide from Env Refresh List' checkbox is checked
  • The database exists
  • All servers exist and are online
  • Disk space on the servers is more than 30Gb Free or 10% Free
  • Each Windows Service is installed on the target server and is running as the specified Service Account
  • Endur Services are the right Code Bit (x64 / x86) and are pointing to the correct Database (If Endur is configured in the environment)

Clicking on any of the individual steps in will give more details on the status of the tests as follows:







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