emdash™ Upload database backup to Openlink

emdash™ has the capability to upload encrypted Endur and Findur database backups to the Openlink FTP site.  There are three steps required to enable this functionality.

Import emdash™ licence file

This feature is enabled in your emdash™ licence.  If the menu option "FTP Backup File" does not appear under Admin Tolls in the emdash™ side menu please contact CwJ Consulting to obtain an updated emdash™ licence file.

Once the required licence has been obtained import it using the emdash™ web application via the emDash Licence link (see above)

Once imported you should see the Feature "Ftp Backup File To Openlink" in the list of features.


Create system wide settings

The following system wide settings need to be set up in emdash™

OpenlinkSftpTempFolder e.g. c:\temp - the folder must exist on the emdash™ server and the emdash™ service account must have write access to this folder.
OpenlinkSftpHostName              - Openlink FTP host name
OpenlinkSftpUserName                       FTP username supplied to you by Openlink.
OpenlinkSftpPassword                       FTP password supplied to you by Openlink
OpenlinkSftpSShHostKeyFingerprint     ssh-rsa 2048 cd:35:f5:c5:91:c1:39:c6:e9:7e:3c:bb:25:8c:2d:32
OpenlinkSftpTargetFolder                   /From-Customer/


Install PGP on the emdash™ server

The encryption program Gpg4win must be installed on the emdash™ server. Please follow the exact instructions detailed in section 1.5 of the attached document Client_Database_Security.pdf supplied by Openlink.

Important Note:  The steps in the attached document need to be run on the emdash™ server, as the service account that will run the emdash™ services. 

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