emdashDeploy.ps1 Error

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There are occasions when the emdashDeploy.ps1 PowerShell script does not complete successfully.  

You should always check the output (scrolling up in the output window) to check that there are no lines marked with ERROR instead of INFO.

One error we do see occasionally is right at the end of the deployment script, where the emdash windows services do not start up correctly.

This scenario is shown in the screenshot below (To see a higher resolution image, Right click -> Open in new Tab):

Often, this error can be seen if the emdash windows services are started before IIS is fully up and running.

Rather than run the entire deployment again, you can check this manually and correct it if needs be.

First, check that IIS is running - both the overall IIS Service, and the Default Web Site - in IIS Manager.  In the screenprint below you can see that the Default Web Site is not running.

To correct this, click on Start on the right hand side.

Now you can start the emdash windows services in Services Manager and they should start up correctly.

As a final check, make sure that the emdash Build that you expect is displayed in the Info screen in emdash:




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