As part of the Endur/Findur code upgrade process, we rebuild the config files associated with an environment from the Templates held under the application EndurConfigTemplates.

As part of the rebuild config templates process, we call an Endur/Findur function to generate the token needed for the environment variable AB_SESSION_MANAGEMENT_USER - which is needed to allow for Active Directory integration and single sign on within the Endur/Findur application.

To successfully call this function, the prerequisites needed for Endur/Findur are needed on the emdash server.

So, if you see an error that looks like this:

You need to install the Endur/Findur MSI files on the emdash server.  This will bring down the C++ Redistributable that the Openlink products need.

See the section called 'Install Core Endur/Findur' here for more details.

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