Create Endur Servers

Now we need to set up reference data for the Endur Application Servers that will be allocated to the Environment. As part of your logical environment design you should have considered how many servers you want to be allocated, and what Endur Runsites will run on each (needed for a later step).

Under Reference Data Mgr, select Servers, and Add Server to bring up the Create Server page:

Typically, non-production endur environments have 2 servers. Therefore, we will need to create 2 entries in the Server reference data page as follows:

  • Server Name – The name of the server. Generally this follows the standard ABCFT32AP1, where FT32 is the name of the environment, and AP1 denotes that it is ‘App server 1’.
  • Server Operating System – Windows 2008R2, Windows 2012, etc. selectable from a drop down list.
  • Server Type – Traditionally we had 2 servers in the environment, Appserver1 was of type ‘Endur x64’ to show it ran the 64-bit Endur binaries, and ‘Endur x86’ to denote it ran the 32-bit Endur binaries. For consistency, we recommend continuing with this naming standard – with ‘odd’ numbered appservers all being ‘Endur x64’ (appservers 1,3, 5, etc.) and ‘even’ numbered appservers being ‘Endur x86’ (appsrvers2, 4, 6, etc.)
  • Logical Name – This is a deprecated field left over from a previous version of emdash. The ‘Logical Name’ of an appserver is now assigned against a the Service entity in emdash.
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