Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the first cloud provider that we have chosen to integrate with.  This decision was led by our Customers, and we are pleased to be able to offer dynamic functionality within emdash™ to control the provisioning of Azure VMs using the familiar emdash™ interface.

(Note: emdash™ supports the Azure Resource Manager virtual machines, and not the deprecated 'Classic' VMs)


To enable the Azure integration functionality within emdash, the following Pre-requisites are needed:

  • An Azure subscription
  • Credentials to manage the Azure subscription (e.g. a username / password with rights to create new services on Azure)
  • A resource group to place all resources into
  • A Virtual Network to place the servers on
  • Sub-nets to separate out servers of different types (e.g. DB, APPS)
  • A domain controller and Active Directory domain (or integration with a domain)
  • A VM Template to build new Virtual Machines from (See the 'Endur/Findur in emdash™ section on how to configure the virtual machine)

Once these pre-requisites are complete you are ready to create the VM Image in Azure which can be used in the 'Create Endur/Findur Environment Wizard'.

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