emdash™ User Security Model

User Access

All user access to the emdash web portal is via Active Directory.  As such, it is a Single Sign On application with our customers' network - the user's Windows Logon is used for application access.


emdash™ has the following security roles within the application to control functionality presented to the different groups:


Administrators are controlled by Active Directory Groups.  AD Users that are in these groups will have all emdash™ functionality available to them.  The name of this AD Group can be set by the customer so each site is different - however we recommend it to be a useful and obvious name such as 'emdashAdmins'.

Environment Owners

Environment owners have certain controls that are provided for self-service functionality to manage their own environments.  Owners are denoted by the allocation of environments to them in the main Environment screen, and ownership is maintained by emdash™ administrators.  Functions that are available to Owners are:

  • Start/Stop windows services associated with the environment
  • Refresh an environment from a copy of a source environment
  • Add/Remove users to the environment
  • Perform a Code Upgrade to the environment
  • Elevate other users to ‘Delegate’ status (see below)

To make a user an Environment Owner, an emdash™ Administrator needs to:

  • Add them to the Users page in Reference Data Manager
  • Edit the Environment Details for the environment that they want to assign the user as owner
  • Overwrite the current Owner field with the name of the user that they want to be owner.
  • Note:  The Name needs to match the 'Display Name' of the user in Active Directory


Delegates are users that an Owner has determined should have the same rights delegated to them as an Owner would have.  This is useful for temporary sharing of an environment, or where the owner wants to grant control for a short period of time, for example for vacation cover.

To make a user a Delegate, either the Environment Owner or an emdash™ Administrator needs to:

  • Add them to the Users page in Reference Data Manager if not already there (emdash™ Administrator needs to do this)
  • Go to Environment Details for the relevant environment
  • Open the Users pane
  • Click on 'Assign User'
  • Select the user to assign as Delegate
  • Allocate them to the environment's application (e.g. Application as 'Endur', with Role as 'Normal')
  • Select the 'Delegate' checkbox

Now that user is able to perform the same functionality in emdash™ as the Environment Owner, with the exception of being able to edit the Environment Details (i.e they cannot assign a different Environment Owner!)

'Normal' Users

All other users that have a valid AD Account can access emdash™.  They do not have any specific rights to do anything to any environment. However, they have read-only access to the environment details screen and can see the status of the environments.

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