emdash™ Data Model

One of the primary benefits of emdash™ is the definition of the components that make up an environment.  This includes a holistic view of all metadata that is used to rebuild an environment.

It is useful that you understand the data model and how an environment is defined.

This is represented in the emdash™ database as the following entities:


The ‘Environment’ is the core entity in the Model.  It is the foundation that encapsulates all other details of what makes up an environment.  Other entities include reference data describing objects such as servers, databases, services, groups, users and settings.  All of the other entities are then mapped to the Environment – and when they are mapped they are known as an ‘Allocation’. 

‘Allocations’ are the lines holding the entities together in the above diagram – holding data about the relationships between them in to make up an ‘Environment’ details.


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