emdash™ Job Logs

There are 3 levels of logging within emdash™ to help Admins and Users diagnose issues if things go wrong.  This section is related to Job Logs.

Job Log

When an emdash™ Job kicks off, the workflow processes write out their progress to the Jobs page.  This is accessible from the 'Jobs' menu item

This gives an overall status of the Job.  in the above screenprint you can see that all of them have completed successfully.  However, the jobs can also Complete but with warnings, or Fail.

If a job has completed with warnings, you will see a red icon next to the status column with an exclamation mark in it.

Clicking on the arrows icon next to the job status will take you into the Job Details page.  In the example below it is a job that has completed with error:

Note that the top section (as highlighted with the red line) shows the overall status of the job (for the entire workflow).  The following lines are related to the Steps that made up the execution of that workflow.

For example, scrolling down that screen, we find one of the workflow steps gave an issue.  

Note that the workflow was set to continue on the error of this step - if not the whole workflow would have failed.

In the screenprint above, we just notify a user that a technical error occurred.  For troubleshooting, we can enable a more detailed log message, by checking the 'Show Error Details' tickbox at the top of the Job Details page:

Selecting this, gives a lot more information in the Step Details now:

Each error needs to be looked at independently with the support team if possible.  

As emdash™ is so tightly integrated with the infrastructure hosting the environments, and the code that is being deployed, there are a number of factors that could cause error.  In the example above, the code that was being deployed had a defect in it.  This was picked up and highlighted early on in the development cycle.

To get more information, you can also examine the Technical Log.  You can compare timestamps of messages across the Job and Technical Log to see correlations between events, and understand more about what was happening in the system at the time of the event.


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