Backup Databases

The EM Team may wish to perform an adhoc database backup for an Environment without going through the time consuming process of requesting this through a DBA.

Backup Databases under Admin Tools allows emdash to perform a database backup (SQL Server or Oracle) for an environment Application. The database backup will be available under the Source Environment it was requested for when performing an Environment Refresh. The backup will be available under Environment Refresh for 15 days from creation.

Backup Databases will backup all databases associated with the Application for the Target Environment.

To Backup database(s) from a Source Environment

Select a Target Environment from the drop down list

Select the Application you wish to backup from the target environment associated drop down list

If you wish to label the backup as Month End then check the Month End Backup checkbox

Click Backup Databases

You will then be requested to Confirm your selection

If Confirmed, the Backup Databases request will be sent to the Workflow for processing

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