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Please visit the main emdash website​ for in depth knowledge of our offerings and emdas​h™​ toolset.

What is emdash™?​

emdas​h™ is an automated deployment toolkit to support your development operations processes to manage your whole development landscape through scalable distribution automation. emdas​h™ core design is workflow driven and modular to manage, configure, version control and deploy a diverse range of business critical and minor supporting applications for multiple top tier global companies to smaller startup companies. For a list of out of the box supported applications please review deployment applications. emdas​h™ provides flexible functionality to create custom workflows through C#, PowerShell and database scripting integration.


emdash™ Capabilities

emdas​h™​ capabilities allow complex development operation tasks to be reduced to a simple point and click action, reducing task completion times, environment downtime, required man power, the possibility of deployment mishaps, and human error. These capabilities range in

  • Managed Application Deployments to PROD, DR and multiple Testing environments​
  • Environment Cloning ​& Refreshing​
  • Application Recovery
  • Application Automated Configuration
  • Managed Application Code Upgrades & Rollbacks with Deployment
  • Versioning​​​​
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Deployment​
  • Environment and Application Security
  • Application Service Management & Environment Housekeeping


How does emdash™ work?

emdash™ provides 3rd party integration through Embedded C# functions, Database scripting, PowerShell scripting and Configuration file manipulation allowing integration with Servers, Active Directory, Databases, File Systems, SMTP, Remote Access Services, Reporting Engines and Version Control Repositories. This allows new packaged or bespoke applications to be integrated into the toolkit with minimal effort.

​emdash™ defines a playbook for each environment that consists of associated servers, applications, application versions, application services, pathways, databases, security, etc. that defines the strategy for deployment that can be triggered through a simple point and click action and monitored while the playbook unfolds.

emdash™ Prerequisites

emdash™ is a web based portal interface are requires the following for installation and operations

  • Hosted environment (Windows Web Server or Windows Web Farm with IIS 7 or above), with dedicated application pool
  • Database environment (SQL Server 2008 or above on dedicated server, virtual server, or datacenter​​ instance)
  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • Security requirements
    • Active Directory container for Test and Dev AD Groups, and emdash service accounts
    • emdash AD group member of 'Account Operators' bultin group to create and manage application users through emdash
    • emdash AD group require access for Test and Dev environment operations
    • emdash service account requires 'Backup Operator' role for msdb access in Production to identify backup history and locations
    • emdash service account requires local administrator access for Test and Dev application servers and Citrix/RemoteApp servers
  • File share on the network with access at the root share for the emdash service account and EM Team Group
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