Assigning Endur to an Environment

To model Endur in an environment, we need to add all of the key reference data items to the environment. To get started, we first need to check that the relevant Databases, Servers, Services, Groups and Applications are present in the relevant Reference Data section, and create if not.

Once they are present in the emdash database in their relevant Reference Data section, they can be ‘Allocated’ to the environment through the Environment Details screen.

At some clients there are a number of existing environments, so a lot of the reference data may already exist. We have metadata for Applications, Services, and Users that can be mapped to the environment straight away. We’ll cover adding more of these later on, but for now where we’re focused on Creating and Endur Environment, we will assume that they are already available to us.

Note that all of the data that we’re creating in this section is reference data in emdash at this point. It is not creating the corresponding database, of Virtual Machine for us when we click Save.

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