Add & Remove User Allocation

Adding and Removing users is performed through the Environment Details screen. Click on the environment name from the emdash homepage to enter the environment details.

Each of the headings is collapsible. The above screen print shows the Users section expanded. You see a list of all users allocated to the environment.

Add User

To add a user, click on Assign User to get this screen:

  1. Select the user from drop down
  2. Environment will be pre-populated
  3. Then select Add Role
    • In 99% of cases, use Endur as the Application and Normal as the role.
    • Selecting Administrator allocates the user into the Administrator Security Group within Endur.
  4. The Delegate User checkbox signifies whether the user should have elevated rights within emdash for the environment. It will allow the same rights as Environment Owner to add/remove users and start/stop services.
  5. When all information is entered and verified then click Save.

Remove User

To remove access for a user

  1. Click on Edit next to the user from the environment details screen
  2. Then select Delete against the role you want to remove.

Then click Save.

Editing a User to make them a delegate

If you want to edit an existing user, to grant Delegate permissions, you need to remove the user from the environment and then add them in again - selecting the Delegate User checkbox as above.

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