Endur/Findur Environment Overview

This section describes the how to set up emdash™ and Endur/Findur so that emdash™ can manage multiple Endur/Findur environments.

Note that for the purposes of this document, ‘Endur’ and ‘Findur’ are interchangeable.  emdash™ processes both applications in the same way as the technical configuration is the same.

The following diagram shows the components that make up an Endur/Findur environment.

  1. This is the location that Openlink deliver the code binaries and databases from.
  2. Endur/Findur Thin Client Server. This is a shared Thin Client environment that users access the Endur/Findur GUI from.  Supported architecture is Citrix XenApp or Microsoft RDS.
  3. Fileshare: Code Repository. This is a storage location for the application binaries and packages.
  4. Fileshare: Environment Config Files. This is a storage location for the ‘fileshare’ associated with an environment, where it stores sysdir, userdir, outdir, etc.
  5. emdash™ Server. Where emdash™ is running.
  6. Endur/Findur Application Servers. Servers where the Endur/Findur application components will run.
  7. Endur/Findur Database Server. Database instance where the Endur/Findur database will be stored.

NOTE:  The Windows Servers for ‘Application Server’ and ‘Thin Client Server’ can be built from the same server image. 

We shall go through the process for installing the application on one of these servers to then be imaged in the next section. 

However, the process of imaging the server and building new instances from that image are not covered here.  Specific processes for this will be dependent on the server technology used and any virtualization layer.

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