emdash™ Endur/Findur Config Data Import

Now that the base emdash™ architecture is set up, we can import the config data that is needed for an Endur/Findur environment.

Config Data Script

As part of the emdash™ build that you have downloaded previously, there is another Powershell script that will set up the config data, and some files expected by emdash™ on the filesystem:

Script location


Required Parameters

  • client.  The name of your orgainisation as supplied for the initial set up script. e.g. CWJ
  • emDashEnvironment.  The environment, as supplied for the initial set up script. e.g. TEST
  • fileShareRoot.  A UNC Share where the fileshares will be located for the environments e.g. \\cwj-files
    • 2 folders will be created under this root - 'Fileshare' and 'Repository'.
    • Key files expected by Endur/Findur will be created in these directories, such as Config file templates, which will then be referenced by emdash™
  • coreOpenlinkAppName.  This must be ENDUR or FINDUR
  • endurFindurVersion.  The build number of Endur or Findur that you will use to deploy. e.g. Endur_V12_1_07222014MR_08052014_1117

 Executing the script performs the following actions:

  • Creates a number of new 'Applications' in emdash™ that will be needed for configuration of Endur/Findur environments and paths to the source files located on the fileshare
  • Deploys an initial version of templated Config Files for Endur/Findur onto the fileshare into a 'repository' folder.  These can then be added to/amended as needed
  • Deploys a bare minimum of the folders needed on the fileshare for Endur/Findur environments to run (outdir, sysdir, userdir, etc).  These can then be added to/amended as needed
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