Escalation process

In the event that a customer escalates a support issue or request the escalation will be evaluated by the escalation team or escalation point of contract to determine an action plan to understand and find a resolution for the cause of the support issue and understand why an escalation was made.

Escalation points of contact

An escalation can be raised directly to the escalation team via the escalation email address This will be sent to the CwJ Management Team for their attention.

When should I escalate an open issue?

An escalation should be raised when the customer is not satisfied with level of service and progress in resolving their open issue or open request, only when they have tried to progress their concerns through the normal support process, and in the situation when there is impact on a critical business process or operation.

What is the process to escalate an open issue?

An escalation must be raised through the escalation email address detailed above. The customer should provide a ticket number and reasons for escalation. The customer will then be contacted to discuss the escalation and to determine a escalation resolution action plan.

What is the criteria for closing an escalation?

An escalation will be closed when the issue has been resolved, the severity has been reduced, a workaround has been provided or implemented, the issue cannot be replicated by the customer, or an escalation resolution action plan has been agreed with the customer.

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