Raise a support ticket

Support tickets must be raised through the CwJ Consulting Helpdesk service via the support email address.

Before raising a support ticket please consider if the request or issue is related to emdash™, whether the required solution is available through Customer Self Service, and what information should be provided in the ticket.


Support Email

This will automatically create a helpdesk ticket


When should I raise a support ticket?

Please consider finding a solution to your issue in the Customer Self Service portal for FAQs, Solution Notes and User Guides. The issue may have been resolved in a previously closed or a workaround may be documented in an existing open ticket.
If you cannot find the answer to your question please raise a ticket by emailing

What information should I provide in the support ticket?

As much information you believe is relevant to help resolve the issue within a reasonable time. Please attach any error messages, screenshots, replication steps, time and date issue occurred, or any logs you believe will help identify the cause of the issue.


Our Helpdesk Process

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