The Support Process

Support Process

This document describes the process for the raising, resolution, and escalation of support issues associated with the emdash™ toolkit.

What is covered?

The standard emdash™ support process covers the following events:

  1. Answers to questions on how to use emdash and its functionality
  2. Bug fixes
  3. New releases and features developed in the core emdash product

1st Line Support

The level of our customer support based onsite or offsite determined by the agreed support hours. Support requests raised through the support email will be accepted during the agreed support hours.

Our support service will

  1. Provide an initial response within the agreed Service Level Agreement.
  2. Perform the requested activity or conduct initial investigation.
  3. Capture relevant information for the completion of requested activity or investigation findings in our helpdesk system for tracking.
  4. Inform customer that requested activity is actioned or complete, or provide information for a resolution process or workaround.
  5. Reassign as a development activity if cause of issue requires a code change.
  6. If required, perform further investigation through a request for information, remote access to client system, or onsite activity.

Support Window

Standard support hours will be Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm UK Time.

Urgent requests for support outside of these hours can be made by following the escalation process.

Additional Support

In addition to the support provided as part of the emdash™ license we are able to provide additional support services, to cover events such as go-live planning, upgrades or specific project events.

This additional support would be subject to additional cost, and comes into 2 categories:

  1. Planned Work. A minimum of 5 working days notice is required to schedule planned work outside of the normal support process or support hours.
  2. Unplanned work. Unplanned work that falls outside of normal support hours will be done on a best endeavours basis, based on the criticality of the support request.

Self Service

Self service solutions are provided in our service desk and portal. This includes Automated Responses, Solution Notes, Frequently Asked Questions and User Guides. This service will be constantly updated and maintained as customer BAU patterns change, customer demands increases, and product and service enhancements.

What's next?

See the following pages in the Support Portal for details on

Important Note: Issues related to factors and circumstances not related to the emdash™ toolkit are not covered under the support agreement. For example, if the client applies manual changes to an environment that is to be automatically deployed using emdash™ CwJ Consulting will not be responsible for issues caused to the environment as a result of these manual changes.

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