Endur/Findur on Oracle

To set up Endur/Findur on Oracle, there are a few configuration steps needed to get emdash to manage those environments:

  • The emdash server needs the Oracle binaries installed locally
    • For example, these can be copied from \\<serverName>\c$\Oracle\product\11.2.0 to the folder C:\oracle\dbhome_1 on the emdash server
  • Set up system environment variable ORACLE_HOME as C:\oracle\dbhome_1 
  • Set up system environment variables TNS_ADMIN as C:\oracle\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN
  • Add %ORACLE_HOME%\bin to the start of the Path environment variable
  • iisreset and restart the emDash workflow services (this ensures that emDash service account picks up the new environment variables)
  • Install emDash build (if it is not already installed)
  • Set up environment wide setting options:
    • emDashOraclePassword
    • emDashOracleUserId
    • NOTE - These should match the emdash user created in the Endur/Findur Oracle instance
  • Run Create Oracle schema and impdp Powershell commands to create and import the initial Endur/Findur schema into the database and set up database in emDash reference data to match this.
  • Backup the new database
  • Run environment create wizard using initial environment as the source.


One Time Oracle Setup

In addition to the above on the Emdash Server, the following needs to be added to the 'user' that emdash will run under in Oracle - to create Oracle schemas for each environment and so on:

  • create user emdash identified by emdash temporary tablespace TEMP;
  • grant dba to emdash;
  • grant select on sys.v_$session to emdash with grant option;
  • grant select on sys.gv_$session to emdash with grant option;
  • grant select on sys.v_$mystat to emdash with grant option;
  • grant select on sys.gv_$mystat to emdash with grant option;
  • GRANT SELECT ON SYS.DBA_ROLES TO emdash with grant option;
  • grant exp_full_database to emdash;
  • grant imp_full_database to emdash;


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