Setting up your RightAngle Repository for Emdash

To setup your RightAngle repository for Emdash you will need to create the following folder structure in your repository

Emdash is expecting your RightAngle Binaries to be in your 'fileshare' \Repository\Main\Openlink\RightAngle - folders. Check these exist beforehand, they should be created by the SetupRightAngle.ps1 script - below shows the folders we expect to exist  for each code version.

  • RightAngle (The application) – This folder will be created by the SetupRightAngle.ps1 script
    • The code version for RightAngle e.g. RightAngle.NET S15.0.0.0
      • Help
      • NET.Client
      • NET.Server
      • WorkflowTracking
      • RightAngleIV
      • SQLBuilds -  Required for code upgrades
        • The above folders are where you will put your binaries for the RightAngle application. They will need to be in every code version added to this area.

Copy your relevant binaries into each folder.

Your licence file should be copied to the Code versions folder level. This allows emdash to install it on servers in the creation process.

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