RightAngle Configuration

Now that the base emdash™ architecture is set up, we can import the config data that is needed for an RightAngle environment.

Config Data Script

As part of the emdash™ build that you have downloaded previously, there is another Powershell script that will set up the config data for RightAngle in emdash™.

Script location


Required Parameters

  • fileShareRoot.  A UNC Share where the fileshares will be located for the environments e.g. \\cwj-files
    • 2 folders will be created under this root - 'Fileshare' and 'Repository'. With 'Repository' having a further 3 folders created 'main', 'Openlink', 'RightAngle'.
  • rightAngleVersion.  The build number of RightAngle that you will use to deploy. e.g. RightAngle.NET S15.0.0.0 - Must be the same name as the top level folder that contains the binaries for the code version

 Executing the script performs the following actions:

  • Creates the RightAngle 'Applications' in emdash™ with relevant details
  • Creates the Code version with the specified code version
  • Creates Env Wide Settings for RAMQ Service:
    • RightAngleRAMQServiceInstanceId - Defaulted to 1
    • RightAngleRAMQServicePassword - Defaulted to TBD
    • RightAngleRAMQServiceUserId - Defaulted to RAMQ
  • Creates the syuser and rightanglesvc service account in the emdash users table
  • Copies the RightAngle Create Environment Wizard template to the WizardTemplates directory in the emdash folder. Linking it's location to the RightAngle application in emdash.


Please check that your Environment Wide Settings are valid for you emdash installation.

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