Overriding default workflows in emdash

Default workflows invoked by emdash features such as Environment refresh can be overridden by custom user workflows.

For example, to override the Backup All Databases workflow select the override icon in the Workflows page.


This then displays the override page:


The override workflow drop down list is populated with workflows that were cloned from the original Backup All Databases workflow - or are a clone of a clone of the original etc.  This rule preserves a link back to the original and is aimed at preventing radical changes to the workflow being invoked - although this is technically possible if the overriding workflow is heavily modified.  The further the override diverges from the original the more chance there is of introducing unexpected functionality.

Once the override is saved the Workflows page displays the overriding workflow in the grid.

The reset button allows reversion back to the out of the box emdash workflow:  

Once an override is set up and the corresponding emdash feature is invoked the overriding workflow will be run in place of the standard emdash one.  This will be the case for all users of emdash.

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