Running custom workflows from the emdash™ user interface

In order to run jobs based on custom workflows in emdash go to the Jobs page from the main menu.

Click the Create Job button:


This then displays the Create new deployment job page (if the button does not appear you may need to obtain an emdash licence with the feature "Run User Defined Workflows" enabled):

Select a user defined workflow from the drop down list:

This populates the steps that form part of the workflow.  The user must select an application and and an environment (these will populate the TargetEnvironment and TargetApplication properties of the workflow context passed to the PowerShell steps).

The user is also prompted to enter Dynamic parameter values for each workflow step.  Static parameter values are displayed read only - these are derived from the workflow definition and are not entered each time a job is created for the workflow.

Data types of parameters are validated against the PowerShell step code.

Schedule immediately is selected by default - if it is unchecked then the user is given the option to schedule the job to run at a later point in time:


Once valid data has been entered for all fields the user can click the Run Job button which will submit the job to the workflow engine.  The job will be picked up and run either immediately or at the scheduled time and date.

Note: the Test workflow used in the above example has the following two steps defined:


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