Creating custom workflows in emdash™.

To create a custom workflow in emdash navigate to the Workflows page and click the Add Workflow button:

The Add Workflow page is then displayed:

Enter a name for the workflow and then use the Add new step button to add steps to the workflow.

This displays the Add step dialog box.

Enter a description for the step and then select a step and a step version from the drop down lists.  This then populates the list of parameters for the selected step.  Each parameter can be defined as either Static or Dynamic at this point.  Static means that a value must be entered for the parameter in this dialog box and the value will be used for all jobs run for this workflow.

Dynamic means that the user will be prompted for a value for the parameter on the Create Job page.


If Static is chosen a field will be displayed for the user to enter the value:


Finally enter the actions that should be performed when the step fails (OnFailure event name) or succeeds (OnSuccess event name).  emdash supports three out of the box actions on each of the two events:

  • FailJob - the job will fail if this step succeeds/fails
  • ContinueJob - the job will continue to the next step in the workflow if this step succeeds/fails
  • CompleteJob - the job will complete if this step succeeds/fails even if further steps exist in the workflow.

As well as the out of the box actions it is possible to create custom actions that will appear in this list.

Once all steps have been entered click the Save button in the Workflow step grid.  It is also possible to change the order of steps in the grid or delete a step completely using the icons at the left of each row:



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